The new Laura Mercier Artist’s palette ($80)
First, before we get to Laura Mercier’s new Artist’s Eyeshadow palette (in case you’re wondering, though, yes, it does have African Violet), a quick and (hopefully) amusing story…

So I chose to get lunch at the mall this afternoon to take a break from all of the construction racket directly below my window (Oh, did I mention the new gas line trench being dug through my front yard? good times…) and, let’s be honest, try to get warm, so I zipped up the jacket I was already wearing (in the house), grabbed my keys and iphone and said “BRB!” to Tabs (who doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all). “Call me if you need anything, sir!”


The second I opened the door and stepped outside, I realized — holy sh*t! It’s warmer out here than it is inside.


A closer look at the palette…
At Nordstrom, one of the first things I spied was the new Artist’s Eyeshadow palette from Laura Mercier. part of a three-piece $80 kit, it also comes with a small Caviar Stick in Cocoa and a small full Blown volume Mascara.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

As a side, I love the number of mattes in this palette. Laura stocked the entire top row with really helpful non-shimmery shades ideal for lining lash lines, contouring creases and smoking outer corners.

Compared to the version of this palette released last fall (Laura releases new versions of it every so often), this one seems a little much more flexible to me. It leans much more heavily on the basics with fewer flashy shimmery purples and pinks, much more browns and beiges, and a good seasoning of black, navy, taupe and, yes, purplish golden African Violet.

The pebbled textured packaging…
As for the packaging, well, it freaks me out a little. I get hives sometimes, and when I do, they kind of look like the bumpy pattern on the palette. Holding the case in my paw makes me feel all itchy and tingly, and not in a shirtless Ryan Gosling way. I really wish the outside had something smoother and less, I dunno, pebbled.

Top row from the left: Noir, Deep Night, Coffee Ground, cafe Au Lait, Ginger and Buttercream; bottom row: diamond Pink, Guava, Sable, African Violet, Violet Steel and rich Cocoa
If you’re searching for a palette filled with easy-to-blend basics, I think this one’s worth a swatch-a-roo next time you find yourself near a Laura counter; however, if you already have a sizable makeup collection, there’s a good chance you have similar colors in your kit.

Meanwhile…a incredible frenzy of fried food!

Tak. Oběd.

Cheesecake Factory. Fish sandwich. sweet potato fries.

I’d never gotten it there before, and dang if it wasn’t great! The fish was nicely breaded, not too oily, and the brioche it came with was just slightly grilled with a good crunch.

The sweet potato fries had a beautiful texture, too. Crunchy but not like taco shells. I think I still choose the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s, though, because they have much more flavor, and Trader Joe’s is just awesome, but I’d certainly eat them again.

Sadly, no cheesecake for me this time. I thought the full plate of fried food was decadent enough, and my muffin top was already stuffed.


You ever go to Cheesecake Factory? What do you typically get?

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