I’m using Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Paris Pink ($20), one of eight new Be Legendary Matte Lipsticks offered now at Smashbox counters as well as online
I believe from now on I’m going to refer to my lips as “textured…” It’ll be code for “So dang flaky that it appears like I constructed out with a cheese grater.” then I won’t have to state “I’ve got dry lips” about every 15 minutes of every single day.

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Paris Pink ($20)

The sane part of me (yes, there truly is one in there) understands that having textured lips makes it harder to pull off opaque, flat mattes like Smashbox’s new Paris Pink, one of eight new $20 Be Legendary Matte Lipsticks, however the…less sane, more irrational part of me doesn’t care! She’ll throw caution to the wind since this light matte pink makes her/me smile.


It’s warm-toned with yellowish undertones, as well as it has some depth to it, which makes it a bit easier to wear than, say, your typical pale pastel pink (it’s difficult for me to pull those off without appearing like Nikki Minaj on a truly poor day).

As a color, I believe Paris Pink is much easier to wear. Flattering, even.

Oh, sure, it latches onto my flakey-flakes (LIKE huge TIME, YO), however such is life when you’re a textured-lipped woman who likes using mattes on occasion.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

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Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick in Paris Pink: tell me more!

Paris Pink is one of eight unscented, unflavored shades in the new Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick Line.

The formula is a bit on the thick side, as well as you most likely won’t be able to rub your lips back as well as forth when you wear it (reminds me of MAC’s mattes).

It’s hella pigmented.

If I’m not eating or drinking anything as well as just hanging out, it lasts on my lips five or six hours (I do have to reapply it after a meal).

The formula isn’t precisely moisturizing, however it’s not especially drying either. It’s just…fine in terms of hydration.

This one, Paris Pink, photos well, however it will grab any type of flakes on my lips as well as settle into my vertical lip lines when I don’t prep properly in advance by exfoliating and/or moisturizing with a lip balm.

PRICE: $20, as well as one of eight colors in the line
AVAILABILITY: offered now on the internet as well as at Smashbox counters, Nordstrom, Ulta as well as Sephora
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B/B+

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

Good morning as well as happy Tuesday! It’s a brisk, windy day right here in northern California. Where did my warm weather condition go? I was hoping to do some extremely scientific (OK, not) testing of MAC pro Longwear Nourishing water resistant foundation today by the pool, however that definitely ain’t happening.

Funny exactly how things change… When my sibling as well as I were kids, we never cared exactly how chilly it was. If there was a body of water around, we’d go swimming in it, no matter what. Now, if it’s chillier than bath water, I peace out, LOL!

Anyways…I keep meaning to tell you about a show on HBO I’m addicted to called No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.

I know, it seems type of cray from the title, however it’s truly good! It’s based on a series of books by Alexander McCall Smith.

It takes location in the country of Botswana in southern Africa. The primary character operates a personal detective company in Gabrone, the funding of Botswana, which is still basically a extremely little rural town. She’s played by Jill Scott (yup, the singer), who’s extremely charming in the role. I just started watching it one afternoon without truly understanding anything about it as well as was quickly sucked in!

There’s the secret angle…which keeps you hooked (whodunit?!), however the whole neighborhood as well as the characters keep me coming back for more. I truly feel the like that the characters have for their hometown.


Unfortunately, the show only lasted one season (I’ve been watching it on HBONow), however it’s simple as well as light, like a well-done Hallmark movie. provide it a possibility sometime. I believe it’s truly good!

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