using the new MAC Pedro Lourenco nude Quad on my eyes, Amplified Lipstick in true Red on my lips, Powder blush Duo in Corol on my cheeks as well as cream Colour Base in Hush on my upper cheekbones
What struck me very first was the packaging. The black against the gold. It pulled me in like a tractor beam. traditional as well as edgy at the exact same time, a la Blade Runner, which is a style I aspire to achieve, on occasion.

The black situations are different than typical for MAC as well as have this rubbery texture, so they’re type of NARS-y, as well as that coupled with the makeup — the nude eyes, cheeks as well as bright red lips — add as much as a recipe for immediate makeup lust.


There are certainly things right here I’ll wear, as well as actually, a great deal of them are pieces I already wear. The new quad has two of my long-time preferred MAC eyeshadows, Sable as well as All That Glitters, as well as the cream Colour Base is a re-promoted shade called Hush, which I absolutely love.

The new MAC Pedro Lourenco collection (not shown: the nail Lacquers in Skin as well as Rlaming Rose)
A couple of the lipsticks likewise look like traditional MAC shades I wear all the time, like true Red, which looks a bit like woman risk however has an Amplified surface instead of a Matte, so it has that shine. as well as Ruby is type of like Russian Red, however with the Amplified surface instead of the Matte.

So, I don’t truly believe the release shatters new ground. The edgiest pieces right here are most likely the Lipglasses, which are these kind of strange metallic colors like Gold Mirror, a neutral gold, as well as Mirror, a neutral silver, both of which, I think, seem extremely indicative of Pedro’s in some cases sci-fi style, from what I’ve seen of his work.


Kočky a make-up mikina?

$ 42.

Nakupuj teď

I tell you what, though — if I were a robot, I’d be around those Lipglasses in two ticks of an animatronic heartbeat, beep-beep!

Pedro Lourenco Amplified Lipsticks, $17.50 each
Amplified Lipstick in Peach Beige, a light pinkish nude
Amplified Lipstick in Ruby, a mid-tone blueish red
Amplified Lipstick in Roxo, a deep red
Amplified Lipstick in true Red, a vibrant bright coral
Lipglass in Mirror (top, a neutral silver) as well as Gold Mirror (bottom, neutral gold), $16.50 each
I was so stoked about the Corol blush Duo before seeing it in person. It’s the huge compact with the black matte packaging as well as Pedro’s name across the front. however then I tried it on, as well as it truly wasn’t working for me. The powder’s incredibly difficult as well as challenging to pick up with a clean or finger. When I did these swatches, I really had to chip away at the powder with a fingernail to totally free up some product.

But other than the Duo, I like the collection. I believe there’s something cooly futuristic as well as traditional about it at the exact same time, like something you’d see in a sci-fi film starring Milla Jovovich as the primary character, as well as her eyes would be shining with the sparkling nude as well as bronze as well as rosy tones.

I can see it now… She’s walking down a dusty, decaying metropolitan alley between tall, grimy buildings holding an large plasma gun. Her cheeks are highlighted as well as glowing, as well as her lips are bright red.

Beautiful as well as accessible, with an edge — that’s exactly how I see this collection. If you have a good friend you’ve wished to convert into a MAC fan, this is the collection where you hold her hand as well as guide her into the light.


Let me understand what you think.

Nude Quad, $17.50
Pedro Lourenco nude Quad
Cream Colour Base in Hush, $22
Hush, a frosty soft peach with icy shimmer
Powder blush Duo in Corol, $26
Corol, a light coral pink as well as a mid-tone neutral plum
Nude Quad
From the left: Amplified Lipsticks in Peach Beige, Ruby, Roxo as well as true Red

Lipglasses in Gold Mirror (left) as well as Mirror (right)
Cream Colour Base in Hush
Powder blush Duo in Corol
Lipglass in Gold Mirror
Lipglass in Mirror
Amplified Lipstick in Peach Beige
Amplified Lipstick in Roxo
Amplified Lipstick in Ruby
Amplified Lipstick in true Red
Wearing the new Pedro Lorenco collection on my eyes, cheeks as well as lips
Coral as well as Hush on my cheeks as well as true Red on my Lips
Available on the internet may 29 at, at choose North American MAC places June 5, 2014 with July 3, 2014, as well as internationally at choose MAC places in June.

The MAC Pedro Lourenco collection includes….

Nude Quad, which includes Pink Sands (a matte light fleshy peach), All That Glitters (a veluxe pearl frosty champagne with golden pearl), Sable (a frosty great bronze) as well as increased Cloud (a matte soft golden beige), $44

Amplified Lipstick in Peach Beige,Světlo narůžovělá nahá, $ 17.50

Amplifikovaná rtěnka v rubínech, střední tón modrých, $ 17.50

Amplifikovaná rtěnka v Roxo, hluboké červené, $ 17.50

Amplifikovaná rtěnka v pravé červené, živé světlé korálové, $ 17.50

Vleště ve zlatě zrcadlo, neutrální zlato, $ 16.50

Vlnění v zrcadle, neutrální stříbro, $ 16.50

Krémová barva základna v Hush, mrazivý měkký broskev s ledovým třpytem, $ 22

Prášek Blush Duo v Corol, světle korálová růžová, stejně jako středový tón neutrální švestka, $ 26

Lak na nehty v kůži, krémové světlo broskev béžové, $ 17.50

Lak na nehty v planoucí růži, krémová skutečná červená, $ 17.50

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